We are Bob and Rosanne Schwiegerath. After spending our entire lives in New Jersey, we took an early retirement (we were both pharmaceutical chemists) and relocated to the town of Socorro in south central New Mexico back in 1997.

The story of Amberlove Gordon Setters actually began with Amber, our first Gordon, back in 1990. The kennel name results from a combination of Amber and the street where we lived at the time, Love Road. We were first introduced to setters by Kelly, our Irish Setter rescue who owned us for almost 15 wonderful years.

We now share life with many fantastic Gordons and show them in conformation. And even occasionally compete in Hunt Tests. Before New Mexico, our Gordons were always house dogs. But when we came west we built a kennel. The "kids" now take turns in the house on a daily basis where we usually have three at any one time......who, by the way, become instant velcro.

We love it here at Creosote Corners - our oasis in the desert. We are on the outskirts of the small town of Socorro about an hour south of Albuquerque. Our fenced in six acres give the dogs plenty of room to run....although we must admit the combination of long-haired dogs and desert brush are a daily challenge.