Ch Amberlove Sweet Mystery of Life

Ch Amberlove Moment at Greenough x Amberlove's Desert Wind JH
July 6, 2005 ~ October 17, 2009


Ah Misty, very "sweet mystery of life", was a standout puppy from the beginning.  She was the only puppy in the whelping box to sit and make eye contact with me when everyone else was either snoring or playing. 

She was always my "good girl".  Misty finished her championship with three majors at 14 months.  Misty's always thrived on one-on-one attention, and soon after she turned three, we decided not to breed her.  Instead Misty was spayed and went to live with Dave (your humble web designer) in sunny Florida.

Very shy out of the box (at air cargo), Misty wiggled her way into all the hearts around her. Her natural beauty and good nature made her a favorite of everyone she met. She loved pointing lizards here in the tropics but never got used to the funny tasting salt water.

Her untimely passing was just another proof that bad things do happen to good people. But we'll never know why or ever understand. Throughout her too short life she was always my perfect "good girl"!