Amberlove One Moment in Time

Ch Beaconfield Excellerator x Am/Can Ch Cherobs Amidala of Amberlove
3/10/03 ~ 7/14/06

The other tragedy I've still not recovered from.  My beautiful Whitney, the only girl in our "Moment" litter out of Amy and Sam.  And what a beautiful girl she was, finishing at 14 months with 4 majors.  Shortly after she finished we took her to a hunt test where she earned her four legs in five tries.  She was awesome, birdy, fast, and beautiful to watch.

When Whitney was 22 months old, we suddenly needed to breed her to Cooper (a breeding we had planned since they were babies).  We got her hips prelimmed and very out of character for us, went ahead and did the breeding.  Had we not done this breeding we would never have many of the kids we have now.  As hoped for, it was a beautiful litter, and a year later we were making plans for Whitney's future as a mom.

Whitney was suddenly very ill, and a freakish set of circumstances brought her to the end in just six weeks at 3 1/2 years old.  Coming only a week after losing Cooper, I did not think I could survive this loss.  A piece of my heart was again ripped out.  What I've learned since and firmly believe is that sometimes things happen for a reason and we never know what that reason is until way after the fact.

Whitney and Cooper's only litter has now produced many beautiful young grandkids and someday soon there will be greatgrandkids who would never be here had we not, for some unknown reason, felt the need to breed these two that one time when we did.